Ways to Manage Remote Conflicts

Image by Insperity

Conflicts within the organization can negatively affect the engagement and morale of the entire team. Hence, it is very important to prepare for conflict management strategies at the HR department level. Today, with the spread of COVID-19, conflicts during WFH have increased significantly. What are the effective ways to solve conflicts between employees that arise from working from home?

1. Introduce in-house team building

The best way to resolve conflicts is not to create conflicts in the first place. Conflicts within an organization are inevitable, but team building can prevent them in advance. Team building means forming a healthy in-house culture and building strong relationships among team members. Since face-to-face team building is not an option for many organizations at the moment due to the pandemic, conducting online team building activities where all team members can participate could build strong relationships.

2. Communicate clearly and conduct periodic virtual meetings

It can be easy for certain individuals to fall out of the loop, and get lost as team members are dispersed physically. To avoid this, using company wide communication channels or group chats as much as possible can ensure announcements and updates to reach everyone at once. Organizations should conduct periodic virtual meetings where team members can get to know and understand each other better. By doing so, teams can minimize miscommunication and strengthen bonds between team members.

3. Listen to both sides in conflicts

When conflicts arise in an organization, people often try to come forward and resolve them emotionally. Therefore, it is important to first listen to all the parties involved in the conflict and be fully aware of the cause and details of it. Conducting video meeting to talk face-to-face with each side of the conflict can help understand the situation better. Then, without taking any sides, the conflict needs to be resolved rationally. It is also important to sometimes keep things confidential to avoid creating any other issues.

4. Resolve conflicts without hesitation

When conflicts are left unmanaged, it can cause a strain among colleagues and negatively affect on the team’s overall productivity, morale and engagement levels. Therefore, it is crucial to resolving the issue immediately. Due to the nature of remote work, the confrontation between the parties may be difficult, but managers and HR team must step up to resolve the issue.