Colawork Slack App v1.4 Update Notice

Dear Community,

We are pleased to inform you that Colawork Slack App has been updated to version 1.4 with new features. The newly added features of this update include the following:

  1. Multiple Language Support

Colawork Slack App is now available in multiple languages. System-wide updates made it easier to add new languages. Korean and English will be supported first. DM and ephemeral messages that are “only visible to you” will be displayed in your preferred language. Channel messages that are shown to everyone will be displayed in the workspace’s language. Colawork aims to leap forward as a global service through this multiple language support update.

2. “/Cola view” command has been changed to “/Cola history”
View command that showed recognition history has been changed from /cola view to /cola history.

3. Added “Update Note” Button
You can now check the log of past updates using the “Update Note” button located at the top right corner of App home.

4. Added “Change Core Value” Button
You can now quickly change the core values of the workspace using the Change Core Value button located on App Home. Please note that changing the core value is a function that can only be used by administrators.

5. Added “Contact” Button
If you have any questions or feedbacks about the Colawork, please feel free to contact us at any time through the Contact button. Colawork team will consider users’ valuable opinions as to our top priority.

In addition, minor bugs and issues have been fixed. You can also check the detailed update information from the Notion update log link.

Colawork team will continue to improve service through fast cycle updates based on our user feedback.

Thank you very much,

Colawork Team.

Colawork helps companies build cultures based on core values by providing tools to incentivize employee recognition and engagement.