Colawork Slack App v1.2 Update Notice

Dear Community,

We are pleased to notify you that Colawork Slack App has been updated to version 1.2 with various new features. The newly added features of this update include the following:

1. Added customized message dispatch function

The update adds the ability to send customized push messages by administrators. Customized message can be dispatched within the organization for different purposes, such as in-house surveys, multi-faceted evaluations, voting, recognition encouragement, or feedback requests. Necessary and useful information can be shared to users through this newly added customized message dispatch function.

2. Added praise count renewal notification feature

The number of praises available for peer recognition gets reset to 20 on the first day of every month. We added a notification feature for this praise count renewal to make sure that all users can be aware of the reset event.

3. Added core value change notification feature

Now all users within the organization will receive a notification when the company’s core value changes. This feature was added to ensure all members are aware of the core values of the company they work in.

4. Updated praise modal window user interface

The user interface of the praise modal window has been updated to keep design continuity.

5. Updated wrong command input output

The command list has been updated so that when a wrong command is input, then the correct command list is displayed. Available command lists can be checked on the command list button on the bottom of the App Home.

In addition to the above changes, minor bugs and issues have been fixed on this update. Detailed update information can also be found at the Notion Update Log in the following link:

Colawork team will continue to improve the service through fast cycle updates based on our user feedbacks.

Thank you very much,

Colawork Team.