Colawork releases Slack app to the public

Greetings everyone,

Colawork has officially released the Slack app today. The app can be downloaded by anyone through install link provided on Colawork’s website:

The details of the updated version 1.0 includes the following:

  1. Closed beta is finally over! Colawork Slack app is now available for everyone on Slack. Install Colawork and start empowering employee recognition within the team to boost company culture.
  2. New slash command /cola has been added. You can also use /cola help command to learn more about how to use the service.
  3. Anonymous recognition feature has been added. You can now recognize your colleague in public without having to disclose your identity. Giving praise is easier than ever.
  4. Colawork app home has been added. You can now refer to the app home to find basic instructions and version update logs.
  5. Welcome messages restructured to provide better user experience.
  6. Points to COLA token swap feature has been added. Sign up for the paid model to start incentivizing employees by providing rewards with value.
  7. Minor bug fixes and UI updates were made to improve your experience.

Thank you very much,

Colawork Team

Colawork helps companies build cultures based on core values by providing tools to incentivize employee recognition and engagement.