Colawork Progress — 2022 2Q Roadmap

Greetings everyone,

We would like to inform you of our progress on the development level, as well as the roadmap until the second quarter of this year.

After the official launch of Colawork in September 2021, the team has focused on improving the service based on active users’ feedback. We have released a total of five updates to this date, and each upgrade provided new features that active users specifically asked for.

Moreover, Colawork Analytics Web App was released in January 2022. Company executives and administrators using Colawork can now view detailed analytics on employee activities through the web app. The team strongly believes that the user experience of Colawork has improved significantly over the past few months.

We will be bringing a lot more changes to the Colawork project in the following months:

A. Community Revamp

  1. Discord Community
    Colawork’s Discord community will be created to make a community more accessible to global users. Discord community will be operated with multiple channels for various topics and languages. We will also be creating a holder’s only channel with wallet verification.
  2. Community Bot
    Community bots will be developed and added on both Telegram and Discord channels. Bots will be used by members to easily access various data of the token, including price, market cap, and circulating supply with alerts.

B. Colawork Development

  1. Colawork Intro Video
    Colawork introduction video will be created to help people better understand the service. The video will be released on the official Colawork website and will be used for various marketing occasions in the future.
  2. Colawork Analytics Update
    Colawork Analytics web app will continuously be updated to better support corporate administrators. Leaderboard analytics, employee insights, and role management features are soon to be added.
  3. Colawork Web App
    In order to maximize accessibility, the full version of Colawork web app will be developed. Companies will be able to access the full features of Colawork without having to use Slack or Dooray.

C. New Exchange Listing

  1. DeFi DEX Listing
    DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance and is a decentralized exchange built with blockchain smart contracts. We plan to list COLA on DeFi exchanges, such as Uniswap, to increase liquidity and allow holders to earn interest through LP staking.
  2. Global CEX Listing
    As Colawork is launched globally through Slack App Directory, listing COLA on global exchanges became essential. Colawork team will target to list COLA on several global exchanges within the second quarter of this year.

D. New Project Reveal

  1. Web3 Community Platform
    Colawork team is seeking to expand the business by developing an unprecedented Web3 community platform. More details on the new project will be shared by the second quarter.
  2. Whitepaper Update
    The existing whitepaper is planned to be updated to include information about the new project. The updated whitepaper will contain the reason behind the decision, and why we believe the new project will play a key role in the success of Colawork.

Thank you always for your support,

Colawork Team




Colawork helps companies build cultures based on core values by providing tools to incentivize employee recognition and engagement.

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Colawork (COLA)

Colawork (COLA)

Colawork helps companies build cultures based on core values by providing tools to incentivize employee recognition and engagement.

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