[Colawork Active User Interview] #1 Chapter 2

Please note that this post is written through an interview with a company that actively uses Colawork Slack app. The first Colawork service user interview was conducted with Chapter 2, an Amazon roll-up business company.

Q: Hello! Thank you very much for your time. To begin with, can you tell us who you are?

A: Hello, my name is Hye-Jun Moon, and I am currently the head of Chapter 2’s Korean branch. I handle M&A related work for the company.

Q: Could you please briefly explain what Chapter 2 does?

A: Chapter 2 is a roll-up business that increases brand value by acquiring top-selling companies among Amazon sellers, and marketing them anew. It is a business that reduces costs and maximizes sales after acquiring products or brands with potential.

Q: How many employees are currently working for Chapter 2?

A: There is a total of 40 members working for the company.

Q: I’m a little curious about the working environment in Chapter 2, is everyone working from the office?

A: No, we are 100% on remote work, except for the team in charge of logistics. It is simply impossible for them to work remotely because their work needs to be done in the logistics warehouse.

Q: I see. We want to thank everyone at Chapter 2 for actively using Colawork. May I ask why Chapter 2 decided to use Colawork?

A: There was a need for performance management tools within the company. While searching for various options, Colawork stood out among them.

I brought up the idea of using Colawork at the weekly meeting. After the trial use, we decided to implement Colawork company-wide to all members.

Q: How are people using Colawork in Chapter 2?

A: We created a recognition channel in Slack called “Compliment”. This is where all recognitions are made.

Our company’s core values are “2 Steps”, “Leadership”, “Teamwork”, “Creativity”, “Executive Ability”, “Diligence”, and “Passion”. Among those, “Executive Ability” and “Teamwork” are the two most used values for recognition in the team.

Each member has a different way of using the Colawork. For example, the CEO gives recognition to the most outstanding member of the day, every evening after work. I first thought the CEO would not use the tool that often. But it is surprising to see how well he utilizes Colawork to express his gratitude to members. His messages on Colawork deliver powerful emotions to all members.

Some members would praise a grateful colleague in the morning for working late the previous day. Others use recognition features after long meetings to cheer each other up.

Q: That is amazing! In addition to the recognition feature, Colawork also provides analytics data for paid users that allows you to view overall recognition activities within the team. Analytics includes data such as monthly trends, recognition distribution, usage rate by users, rank by core values, and in-depth relationship data between users. What do you think about these features?

A: I was curious about who received the most and the least recognitions in the team. I believe the analytics would be very informative.

After using Colawork, we spend time in weekly meetings to talk about the remaining number of recognitions. This encourages members to use Colawork more often. It would be great if we can see the numbers more clearly.

Q: Words can’t describe how I feel to see Chapter 2 using Colawork as we intended. Thank you so much for taking the time today. Do you have anything else you would like to share with us?

A: I would like to thank the Colawork team for helping us establish a great company culture within the company. I learned through Colawork that a positive culture can also be made by introducing a performance management tool. Please continue with your great work!

We would like to express huge gratitude to Hye-Jun Moon, Chapter 2’s Head of Korea, for his time.

Thank you,
Colawork Team

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