[Big Announcement] 14,209,000 COLA Burn

14,209,000 COLA Token Burn
23.8% of Total Circulating Supply

Dear community,

We would like to inform you that Colawork project is burning 14,209,000 COLA, which equals the total amount of unlocked supply held by the Colawork Team outside the exchange, excluding the reward pool.

*We have excluded the reward pool, since this pool is specifically designed to be returned to the community through various methods, such as airdrops.

14,209,000 COLA is equivalent to 23.8% of the total circulating supply.

After the token burn, the total circulating supply decreases from 59,625,000 COLA to 45,416,000 COLA.

Token burning is conducted by sending the burn amount to the dead wallet.

Details on the supply change of COLA is updated on COLA Token Supply Information after the burn.

Colawork Team believes that this token burn is a necessary action the team needs to make to boost project awareness and for us to take the next step towards the project’s success.

Thank you always for your support.

Colawork Team