Announcement of Token Purchase Policy Following the Release of Colawork Paid Model

Dear Community,

Colawork introduced a paid model with the release of the official service. We would like to inform you of the token purchase policy that occurs from the paid model users.

Colawork’s paid model allows companies to provide a new way of benefits to their employees. More benefits can be provided to employees based on their activities of recognizing colleagues on collaboration tools.

The introduction of the paid model provides a clear motivation for establishing a strong company culture. Employees can be engaged more deeply in their work, and communicate more actively on online digital workspaces.

The token purchase process from the paid model will be conducted as follows:

  1. Companies using the paid model of Colawork pay a monthly fee according to the number of employees they have.
  2. Employees can request to exchange the points acquired using Colawork for COLA tokens.
  3. Upon exchange request, Colawork purchases the requested amount of COLA token on the market.
  4. Purchased tokens are then transferred to the company user.

Colawork team will be sharing the total number of tokens purchased by the paid model through social channels at the end of each quarter starting from 4Q 2021.

Thank you very much.

Colawork Team